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Kansas City: Rich in History

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting Kansas City, Kansas as part of the Midwest Travel Conference. Exploring the history of Kansas and Kansas City allows one to really think about the sacrifices people did to build our great country. Yes, sacrifices, but also triumphs.

Pictures really tell the story, which is why I have included many. Please enjoy and give Kansas City a visit!

Legends Outlet Center

I loved the Legends Outlet. It is a shopping center but oh, so much more! They really spent a lot of time and thought about how to showcase the diverse and many \”legends\” of Kansas by implementing statues and plaques of important historical figures from Kansas. Honestly, as a first timer, I was focused on all the commemoration statues of Kansas historical figures. Just so interesting!

Just a few to mention — President Dwight Eisenhower, Robert Dole, Wyatt Earp, Barry Sanders, and Native American leaders just to name a few.

Wyandotte County Museum

Wyandotte is the county Kansas City, Kansas resides in. They have a county museum to really exemplify the county\’s contribution to Kansas history. Kansas is rich in history – often calling themselves the heartland because of their location within the U.S. Many interesting exhibits and artifacts that need to be seen to get the full appreciation of the area\’s history. They have over 75,000 artifacts.

The museum is located at: 631 N 126th St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012.

National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame

The National agriculture Center museum and memorial recognizes farming leaders. Their mission is to provide education on the historical and present value of American agriculture and to honor leadership in agribusiness and academia.

One artifact that stuck out for me was seeing the very first plow, which was invented by John Deere and founded the company based on his name. Yes, John Deere is a real person. As a farmer, nearly all of our machinery is John Deere. There is no question he was a huge part of the modern farm story.

My visit was short, but I would love to go back and dig a little deeper into the history of Kansas. So much to see and tell! If you are interested in history and or agriculture, please visit Kansas City, Kansas.

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