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Spam Museum – Why You Need to Visit

As a pig farmer and selling our pigs to Hormel Foods in Austin, MN, visiting the Spam Museum takes on a different meaning. We have a long history with Hormel – having sold our pork to them for nearly 50 years. Hormel\’s history is strong as a meat packer for the hog industry. They have expanded to other food products as of late.


What really stood out to me was how kid friendly and interactive the Spam museum is. I took my grandson to visit and he really enjoyed it.

I liked the history that is part of the museum. Hormel is a namesake in Minnesota. And definitely our personal connections with Hormel over the years.

And I liked that it is free.

What is Spam?

Spam is a type of luncheon meat and consists of six ingredients: pork with ham, salt, water, potato starch, sugar and sodium nitrate. That\’s it.

Of course, on the bathroom stall door!
How SPAM tall are you?
How fast can you package spam?

What is the History of Spam?

Spam luncheon meat was introduced in 1937. By 1941, it was a very common meat product consumed by our troops during World War II.

I highly recommend stopping and visiting the Spam Museum in Austin, MN. Such a fun spot to learn about Hormel Foods.

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