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Visit Hayward, Wisconsin Kid Style

Hayward is a great getaway and vacation spot in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Hayward is nestled in the forest areas of Wisconsin and home to countless lakes and wildlife. The town has a population of about 2300, but with all the amenities, you would think it to be much larger.

I decided to explore Hayward in a different and unique way. I asked my grandkids if they would be my tour guides! And they said yes! Each of the three (ages 11, 10 and 8) gave me two sites they thought every visitor should visit in Hayward. They are fairly new to the area and I thought it would be interesting to hear their perspective.

Edwin\’s recommendations: Schue\’s Pond and Tremblay\’s Sweet Shop

Esme\’s recommendations: Lumberjack Bow and Wests\’s Dairy Ice Cream

Elon\’s recommendations: Fishing World Hall of Farm and Lumberjack\’s Mini Golf

We started our tour by eating lunch at Los Portales. Great Mexican Food. Great Mexican food.


Schue\’s Pond

Our first stop was Schue\’s Pond. Watching the kids\’ interest in the small pond, anticipating if they will see any fish or any other crawling creature, was the reason this was on Edwin\’s list. He loves to fish. Also, the playground, the geese and benches make this a place of fun and relaxation.

Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum

If you are in Hayward, WI, the first thing that comes to mind for many is fishing. So what a perfect place to house the Fishing Hall of Fame. It did not surprise me that Elon recommended this as a must see for anyone who comes to Hayward. He, along with his brother, loves to fish.

And if you are wondering, you can climb inside the 143 foot muskie and overlook the museum while standing in the muskie\’s mouth. And, yes, we did!

There is an admission fee.

Lumberjack Show

Our next stop was the Fred Sheers Lumberjack Show. Entertaining and showcasing Hayward\’s heritage. Watching the skills of a couple of lumberjacks was fascinating and then adding in some humor and entertainment makes this a fun stop! To really embrace the northern Wisconsin culture, I highly recommend watching one of these shows. There is an admission fee.

Lumberjack\’s Mini Golf

Directly across the street from the Lumberjack Village is the Lumberjack\’s Mini Golf. We were bursting at the seams with laughter and fun as we golfed the 18 holes. I contributed to the laughter when I went for the initial tee off and hit one of the obstacles and the ball came back to the exact place I started! Lots of laughs!

West\’s Hayward Dairy

By this time, we are hungry. Esme\’s list of recommendations was West\’s Hayward Dairy for some ice cream. When you walk into the store, you immediately see pictures on the walls depicting the history. They have been in business since the 1950s. Along with the history, you will be amazed by the many flavors (40 flavors) of ice cream. And, yes, they make it all there. (Their sign says so!)

West\’s Dairy is located in downtown Hayward. Hayward has a bustling downtown with their streets filled with automobiles. The ice cream treat is exactly what we all needed!

Tremblay\’s Sweet Shop

Our last tour stop was Tremblay\’s Sweet Shop. Simply put, it is an icon of Hayward. They make candy in the store, even though they were done making candy for the day when we arrived. Lots and lots of candy choices.

Lots of Fun and Memories

Yes, Hayward is a great place to visit. But for me, the trip was special because of my tour guides. All the smiles, laughing and talking. Making memories with my grandkids (and Fenix, their puppy) is more important than anything else. If you ever have the chance to travel with your grandkids, please do.

Thank you to Edwin, Esme and Elon!

One last note – there is so much to do in Hayward, WI. This is only a small list. Please visit Hayward Chamber of Commerce for a comprehensive list of places to visit, businesses and restaurants.

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