Jeffers Petroglyphs – A Slice of Minnesota History

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Jeffers Petroglyphs – A Slice of Minnesota History

Visiting the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site has been on my bucket list for a long time. This past weekend, I finally could check it off my list.

The Jeffers Petroglyphs are located in southern Minnesota, near Comfrey, MN.

What are the Petroglyphs and what will you see?

The \”glyphs\” or carvings tell a story. About 5000 rock carvings were created by the Native American ancestors, which date back up to 7000 years. I would highly suggest, if possible, to take a tour. They have archeologists that give tours and provide informative insights.

After you arrive, take the quarter mile path to the rock carvings. As you walk, imagine the life of the Native Americans and how they used rock carvings to communicate—to record important events in their lives.

Rock Carvings

The rock carvings show events and stories. They can be difficult to see, but our tour guide used a bottle of water that he used to spray the carvings with. Once he sprayed, the carvings were easier to see. I recommend taking a tour as the tour guide has a wealth of information.

The Petroglyphs are sacred ground for the Native Americans. To this day, they still use the grounds for gatherings.

The glyphs are important for all of us as they tell the story of Native Americans—learning about their culture and society.



If you enjoy walking outdoors in a field of plants and wildflowers, I suggest taking one of the trails. The trail is also wheelchair accessible. And as you are walking, imagine what life was like when the carvings were made. What was important to the Native Americans? And how they depended on Mother Earth for their existence.

Plan Your Visit

The Petroglyphs are a place to visit, especially if you are interested in Minnesota History.

I took my granddaughter and one of her comments was is that she wished her class could go to sites like this, instead of reading about in a book. How right she is.


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