What is Happening to Our Society?

What do you think when you hear the word \”mass shooting?\” I know I automatically associate mass shooting with large cities. Well, our society has taken a sharp downward trend, and it\’s now happening in rural Minnesota.

Yes, you heard that right.

Two nights ago, our small farming and rural community experienced a mass shooting. Four individuals were shot at a late night party that was held in the country, about 2 miles from our farm where we are growing corn. Our county has more than 40 times more pigs than people. Thankfully, no fatalities. But what is going on?

Why are we seeing such an increase in violence and gun usage across our nation? What is happening with our society?

I believe one issue we have is the breakdown of families. Increase in fatherless homes. Fewer people going to church. The increase of violence we are seeing across our media, both mainstream and social media, is adding to our social \”acceptability.\” Seeing so many crimes go unpunished. Less personal accountability.

It never used to be that way. Even in our schools. Back when I was in school, no one ever wanted to be sent to the principal\’s office. You knew your parents would double the punishment you received at school. I don\’t think it\’s the same anymore. Just simply knowing right from wrong and knowing you will be punished if you did wrong and learning from that experience.

So, how can we fix it? I will not claim I have the answers because I don\’t, but I know something needs to change. Maybe start with finding and going to church–becoming closer and praying for God\’s guidance. Start with parents saying no and mean it. Start with us all being kinder to each other and help others when needed before things escalate into violence. I know I will be praying for answers and guidance.

I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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  1. I too will not claim to have the answers. All I can offer is my humble perspective.

    There really isn’t more violence today than in the past. When you were young gun violence was lower but fist fights and brawls were higher. Violence has always been in the fabric of America, even some of our founding fathers settled disputes via pistol duels. Guns have also always been in the fabric of America as has gun violence. You probably enjoyed watching Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley, and various other western themed shows which glorified gun violence. The wild west certainly had its share of gun violence, especially during the government’s war against the Plains Indians. Gun violence was also prevalent during the civil war and during the mafia heydays of the 1920’s. The theme behind all that violence was the notion/need of using guns primarily for self defense rather than hunting/sport. In my humble opinion society has been ebbing, for various reasons, back into the notion that guns are needed for self defense. When you were young the thought of using a gun to settle a dispute or win an argument was basically unheard of. Today many people think they need a gun to do just that, they actually purchase a gun for that reason. Why that train of thought is prevalent now I truly don’t know/understand. Perhaps the ease at which information, misinformation, conspiracies, lies, and truths spread today is the underlying cause which leads to people not trusting one another.

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