Portland, Maine: 7 Fun Things to See and Do

Before I visited Maine, everyone shared with me how beautiful it was. And I was not disappointed. Because I had never been to Maine, I planned to spend another day in Portland. My goal was to immerse myself in Maine\’s culture–food and history. I truly loved the town. Please enjoy my pictures and thoughts about Portland!

1) Portland Maine Lobster

I knew I would eat plenty of seafood (I love seafood!) during my visit. In fact, I had never eaten lobster. Well, I now have a new favorite seafood. Yes, lobster. My first restaurant was the Portland Lobster Company where I asked the server what I should order being a first-time visitor. She recommended a lobster roll. I learned they serve a lobster roll in a toasted bun like a hotdog bun or a piece of bread toasted. They served it either cold with mayonnaise or warm with butter. I prefer the warm with butter.

 Lobster Roll – and it was as good as it looks!

2) Scenery!!!

So not only was the food great, but the scenery was better. Here was my view as I ate my lobster roll.

Waterfront in Portland, Maine

3) Lighthouses

During my first evening in Portland, Maine, I took a sunset cruise that took us by some lighthouses. Also on the cruise were some forts used during the early years of the United States.

 Maine Lighthouse

4) Peaks Island

And now I must talk about lobster. Like I said prior, I had never eaten lobster. I like seafood, but lobster just looks intimidating. Like, how do I eat this thing? Well, I soon found out. I went to a lobster bake. I took a ferry over to Peaks Island where the local Lion\’s Club prepared lobster and clams for us. Mind you, this was an experience — bib and crackers and all. The lobster was amazing. Not so sure about the clams, though. My only concern is how do I order lobster in the future that will be this good?

Maine Lobster

5) Pineland Farms

Another excursion I took part in was a trip to a local dairy farm. As a farmer, I find agriculture in other parts of the U.S. very interesting. We visited theĀ Pineland Farms, a working dairy farm that encourages visitors. The countryside was beautifully laced with rolling hills and trees as we traveled to the farm. They have about 160 dairy cows and also other farm animals. There was also an on-farm store where customers could purchase farm and Maine products. Too bad I flew because I was restricted to what I could buy!

Dairy Cows at Pineland Farms

6) Portland Maine Foodie Tour

I also went on a Portland foodie tour. It was fun to walk downtown in Portland and learn a bit about the city. We visited three restaurants. Our last stop was a mashed potato pizza. Interesting. Looking back on it, I don\’t think I would do this again. I also went on an open-air trolley city ride. I thoroughly enjoyed the trolley ride. It was interesting, and the weather was amazing. Very relaxing and learned a lot about the city. We saw monument markers showing the underground slavery network during the Civil War. The house\’s architecture was just stunning. One claim to fame they really aren\’t proud of is two of the hijackers from 9/11 stayed in Portland on September 10, the day before the attack.

Did you know Portland is a cruise port?

7) Beaches

Let\’s talk about beaches. Who thinks of Portland Maine as a place for beaches? I certainly didn\’t. But, boy, was I wrong! And Old Orchard Beach is a large beach.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Pretty fabulous local grilled scallops at Hooligans Landing, Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Best I have ever had!

I definitely would go back to Maine. Maybe the next time I can bring others with me to share the joy. I loved the Portland area, never felt unsafe, and enjoyed the great food and scenery!

Enjoy more pictures!

Pineland Farms
Sunset, Portland Maine
Free Range? Hmmm. First thing I saw when I left my hotel.
Way too cute!
Waterfront, Portland, Maine

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