SuperGlue Mom

Laura is a long time friend and client – Her site momables has revolutionized lunches around my house. SuperGlue Mom is just an extension of her love of food and family. She’s also one of Sabra’s tastemakers this year and was sweet enough to bring me root beer extract at Blissdom this year. You’ll be seeing a lot more of… Read More

The Pinke Post

Katie is a Farm wife in NORTH DAKOTA – brrr!!! Yet I am captivated by her slice-of-life on The Pinke Post. She comes from generations of farmers, farmers who originally settled this very land. Katie recently quit her full time job to become a consultant and speaker and I swear she is busier than ever! Don’t forget to stop by… Read More

Beyer Beware

Leah is the first of my favorite Farm Chicks – see them all here – Real Farmwives of America We took Leah from blogger to wordpress, and gave her a fresh new look. She does an AMAZING feature every week called Hunk of Meat Monday where people post their recipes – I’ve found some real keepers! Beyer Beware

Simply Tango

Simply Tango was a super-fun project to work on – Tammy already had the eagle logo and wanted to integrate it into this design…rather than using it small and tucking it into the design somewhere, I decided to go bold and make it front and center, adding bright colors to soften it a bit. One of my favorite details is… Read More

A Southern Fairytale

This is the 4th (or is it 5th?) time Rachel and I have given her a new look, and I think this one is the best one yet – I used a genesis premium theme, which enabled her to feature her favorite posts, current promotions, and her unique personality. She has a great food blog and several of her recipes… Read More